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Accessories are the finest product which will give aesthetic look as well as completes the PEB without any water leakage. We at HalleysBlue will give more importance for these Misc Flashings so that we can provide the quality Building for our customers.
We at HalleysBLue will provide the below set of flashings for our Buildings –
  • Plain Ridge Flashing
  • Profiled Ridge Flashing
  • Barge Gap/ Gable End Flashing
  • Corner Flashing
  • Drip Flashing/ Base Flashing
  • Eave Gutter
  • Valley Gutter
  • Apron Flashing
  • Canopy Flashing
  • Canopy Bottom Flashing
  • And many more Flashings…
In addition to the above accessories, we also provide the most important other accessories like

  • Roof & Canopy Closures for decreasing the exterior lighting.
  • EPDM Butyl tape with which the water leakage will be controlled completely.


HalleysBlue, a brand of VSE (P) Ltd. Established in 1993 in Bellary, Karnataka, India with wide range of products related to Steel Construction & Material Handling systems...
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We undertake Steel Rolling Projects, Steel Casting Projects, Rice Industries, Warehouses, Cold Storage Buildings, Seed Industries, Seed Drying Industries...
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Beyond Business

We are equally dedicated towards many aspects apart from the regular business and are regular participations towards society & green earth...
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Achieved prestigious successful awards from Cusotmers & Various Government bodies...
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