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Custom Engineered Structures

This basically includes structures/frames/supports/landings/co-lateral load bearing members/balancing members or any Custom-Engineered structural component made out of Steel comprising Steel plates, ISMB, ISA, ISMC, rounds, tubular sections & special sections.
These structures are widely used in Steel plants, food processing industries, material conveying, cement industries.
  • We have successfully executed following projects in CES
  • Complete food processing for Syngenta, Monsanto, DuPont & other seed companies
  • Slag crushing & sorting system at Ecomaister/JSW Steel
  • Specially designed mezzanine structure at Bayer India
  • Multi level Panel board systems (4 levels) at Minera Steel for Electrical Control System
  • Profiled cover system for coal & other material carrying conveyors at JSW & Minera Steel
Custom-Engineered-Structure Custom-Engg-Struct


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