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High Rise Buildings

HalleysBlue High Rise Steel Buildings refers to a building technique with a Rigid Steel Skeleton Frame vertically with H Beams constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roof and walls of a building, which are all attached to the frame. HRB1

The H Beams consist of two wide flanges of a column and are thicker and wider to better withstand compressive stress in the structure. Square and round tubular sections of steel can also be used, often filled with concrete. Steel beams are connected to the columns with bolts and threaded fasteners, and historically connected by Rivets. The central “web” of the steel H Beam is often wider than a column web to resist the higher bending moments that occur in beams. HRB2

Wide sheets of steel deck can be used to cover the top of the steel frame as a “form” or corrugated mold below a thick layer of concrete and Steel reinforcing rebar. Another popular alternative is a floor of precast concrete flooring units with some form of concrete topping. Often in office buildings the final floor surface is provided by some form of raised flooring system with the void between the walking surface and the structural floor being used for cables and air handling ducts. HRB3


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